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Sound Healing For Relationships

This meditation will guide you with sound healing for painful relationships, to help change the dynamic between you and another, whether this is an intimate relationship, or relationship with a family member or friend or group of people. By the end of this meditation, you may feel a sense of relief, or a sudden revelation as to how you could approach the painful relationship differently. Or, you may simply find that the dynamic of the relationship shifts seemingly all by itself over the coming days or weeks. Sometimes relationships reach a point where talking does no good. You simply can no longer communicate due to so many stuck emotions between you, and resentment and hurt are too great to be able to talk freely to each other.

Turn your relationships around with sound and intention

When you actively participate in either vocalising or embracing the sound at the same time as visualising and sensing and feeling new emotions, you have a much greater chance of shifting difficult aspects about the most challenging relationships in your life. This is the essence of one aspect of energy medicine which engages the quantum field, which helps to enable shifts which were not possible simply by talking. This meditation will encourage you to use your voice to allow a sound wave to carry information into a projected picture into your mind and out into the quantum field around you. You may choose to either vocalise the sound out loud, or vocalise it inwardly while picturing smiling energy coming from your heart center into the situation or relationship which is causing you pain. It is said that sound is the basis of all creation-that our entire universe is simply made up from vibration sound and frequency. When we bring focus into sound, with a clear intention and emotional drive, we can use sound to transform our world.

Try for 3 days in a row

The goal of the meditation is not to heal another person or group of people-it is to shift our own emotions about the situation, and in turn, this has a ripple effect on the dynamic of the relationship you are observing or experiencing. If you try this meditation every day for at least 3 days in a row, you may find yourself experiencing different emotions about the person or people in question, and therefore you have access to solutions you were not aware of before, or not open to seeing. The sound you will vocalise either out loud or internally is ‘AH’. This is the sound of the heart chakra. But you may feel free to use any vowel sound you like, and maybe even feel vibrations in different parts of your body other than the chest area with a different sound. Maybe you would like to use the sound ‘OH’ or ‘OO’ or ‘EE’, or ‘ER’. Do what feels right for you, and feel free to experiment with different sounds along the way.


To start off, sit comfortably in a place you won’t be disturbed. Place your hands on your belly, and take 3 deep breaths where you feel your belly rising under your hands before you feel your chest cavity expand. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. I will give you some time to do this, 3 times. Imagine yourself surrounded in green healing light. Picture this green light growing in intensity and getting larger and larger around you and through you like a big protective egg. First listen to the sound you will make either internally or externally. Now, it’s your turn. Imagine this sound vibrating from your heart center, or which ever body part you feel the emotion of this relationship or relationships. Breathe in and feel your belly and then chest expanding, and begin. Repeat this sound another 2 times, and imagine the vibrations of this sound breaking up painful feelings around your situation. Each time you hear this bell sound, that is your cue to breath in, and repeat the sound. Even if you are vocalising this sound internally, still take the breath cues, and go through the motions. Now, lets repeat this another 3 times and imagine the sound releasing the painful feelings from your energy field. Follow the bell cue. Now, for the next few sounds, imagine the vibrations turning into a sense of smiling within you. Imagine as you make the sound, that the vibrations of the sound are carrying a smile towards the person or situation you are focusing on. The vibrations are just smiling golden energy-rippling outwards. Breathe in and do this 3 times.

It’s about shift, not healing

Remember, the purpose here is not to try to ‘heal’ the situation. It is to ‘shift’ the situation. See this person or situation and now as you make each sound, imagine projecting the smiling vibrations all around the scene or situation. Send the vibrations to them, as well as to where you feel this emotion within yourself. Maybe you feel it in your heart space, or your throat. Maybe you feel it in your belly, or sacral chakra. Send smiling energy to every part of your body, as well as any difficult emotion which surfaces as you do this meditation. Imagine the sound transforming, the energy between you, and around you. Shift your focus away from what feels painful, and bring attention to the smiling energy-even if this feels unrealistic to you-act in faith that there is something greater than you that can help you understand and process the situation, to help you move towards what is in your best interests as well as theirs. This is an act of surrender. I will now leave you to do this on your own. Stay present to the sound, and its power to transform and transmute. If you enjoyed this meditation, please give it a thumbs up on youtube, and comment below as to how your experience was. Also, be sure to subscribe to this channel for more sound meditations like this. For more support with your energetic well being, especially around the subject of relationships, I highly recommend bioenergetic structured water which has been charged with specific frequencies which resonate with the crown chakra. This will further support balancing excessive negative emotions and encourage more connection to the innate wisdom of your heart. To purchase this,  click here.

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Meditation for a calm heart

Meditation for a calm heart

This post explores a meditation for a calm heart. When you only have a few minutes to spare, but are wanting to sneak in some instant calm, try this quick guided meditation. By spending a few minutes each day practicing consciously bringing more joy into your heart space, you will gradually shift your biochemistry into a more favourable state.
Feel free to comment below if you got benefit out of this meditation.
Liz is a yoga teacher and bioenergetic practitioner.

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