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Have more energy without supplements

MORE ENERGY without supplementsIf you are wondering why you are always tired despite taking supplements, doing exercise, trying to get better sleep and eating healthy, then it might be time to look beyond your physical body and find clues elsewhere. Read on to learn how you can have more energy without supplements.

Frontier science discoveries

Just like our heart and brain which radiates electromagnetic fields that standard medical equipment such as the ECG and EEG can pick up, our entire body has an electromagnetic field too. Frontier science in bioenergetics has shown that our bodies electromagnetic field has a direct impact on our health, energy, mental clarity and happiness. If energy and information within this electromagnetic field is flowing well, we feel alive and vibrant. If it is not, then health problems and general unexplained fatigue can occur.

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What’s In A NES Scan?

Set up your free NES Health Portal here.

Bioenergetics is an emerging science which looks at the Human Body Field for clues where the informational flow in the energy field may be distorted. When information within this field is not flowing as nature intended it can affect our physical and mental health. The ancients knew this thousands of years ago through their practices of yoga and qigong. Now we can ‘see’ this invisible field using the power of modern technology. Benefits of this wellness approach can include: more energy, enhanced dream life, more positive outlook on life, enhanced memory, reduction in pain, improved sleep, relief from depression and more. NES Health is leading the field in bioenergetics. They have over 30 years of research behind them in this field.

The process is simple:

1. Set up your free Nes Health portal HERE. 

2.Scan the human body field using a mouse like device purchases from your NES Health Portal which connects to your computer or smart phone.

3. See where there are distortions and take recommended structured water remedies based on what the algorithms suggest . These remedies have been imprinted with specific frequencies which help to correct the informational flow around the body. Keep in mind, our body is 70% water, therefore water plays a key role in our wellbeing.

4.Use the PEMF device (pulsed Electromagnetic Field) to further correct deeper distortions.

You can start here to learn more with a FREE NES Health portal:

In this portal you can read articles, watch documentaries on bioenergetics, read clinical studies, learn more about the science of bioenergetics, listen to podcasts, try bioenergetic recipes, purchase the scanner and structured water remedies.

*Not suitable for people who have had an organ transplant, or who have a pace maker or who have been diagnosed with severe psychiatric condition.


More info on NES Health and the science: 
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