Stress Relief Techniques

[VIDEO TRANSCRIPT] Today I am going to talk about a simple technique to quickly decrease your stress and anxiety with the sound of your voice as well as your fingers. I’ll also talk about some additional tools you can use on top of this simple technique to get even faster results.

This technique  really helps  me to get my priorities straight on any given day. when I might be feeling scattered of overwhelmed, or struggling with making decisions. I think deep down, our innate wisdom has the answers for us, but our job is to get calm enough to ‘hear’ those answers. 

Whether you work for yourself or you are just overwhelmed with trying to make important decisions and can’t seem to get traction on anything, this little simple technique can help.

It involves using your voice to ‘tone’ a sound, at the same time as placing your finger tips on your forehead to feel the pulse of your blood through your skin.

There are spots on your forehead called the ‘neuro-vascular points’,  and when you place your fingers on them for an extended period of time (at least 5 minutes) you will start to feel blood pulsing evenly under your fingers. This is a sign that blood has been restored more evenly to the frontal lobe of the brain which, when you are stressed or overwhelmed, blood does not flow so well here leading you to make less sound decisions and feeling scattered.
So, if you are listening to this on a platform other than youtube and are not quite sure where exactly these neurovascular points are, they are located approximately  2 cm above your eyebrows and when you press your fingers into your forehead you’ll notice the bone on your forehead dips in a little. This little dip is where you want to focus your finger tips and press relatively firmly. 

Now, when you also ‘tone’ a single note at the same time as firmly resting your fingers on these spots, you will speed up the process of bringing the even blood flow back to both sides of the brain. 
If you have been following me for a while and have been toning in your meditations,  you might like to experiment with the vocal harmonics where you change the shape of your mouth to hear the ‘harmonic’ of the fundamental note.-so other words, hearing two notes at once. 

So the tone will sound like this (listen to video above to hear this):

Can you hear how I am shifting the pitch of upper note with the shape of my mouth with the sounds ‘or’ to ‘ooo’ to ‘eee’? You might notice there are specific harmonics which lend themselves to feeling more relaxed or a stronger blood pulse under your fingers. If you do notice this, stay on that particular harmonic as it may be particularly beneficial for you.

But if the harmonics are too complicated for you at this stage, just stick to one    sound for now.
So to begin, find the neurovascular points and press in with your second, third, fourth and fifth fingers with both hands just above each eye brow, and then begin to make your toning sound and feel for the blood pulse under your fingers. At first the blood pulse might feel wirey or non existent, but after a while you will feel it lightly under the fingers-perhaps uneven at first for example stronger on one side than the other, but after a while you’ll feel it evenly under both hands into your fingers.

Depending on how stressed out you are and the state of your nervous system, it could take anywhere from 5-20 minutes to feel this even blood flow. If you find your arms get tired, you might want to do this while resting your elbows on the table in front of you while sitting.

Now….other tools you can use to speed up this process is to first take a few drops of a particular structured water remedy which helps to dampen any kind of stress response I’ll leave the links below where you can check out these remedies. These drops are kind of like homeopathy, but more specific and advanced. You could see them as homeopathy 2.0. The ones I recommend are called ESR which is short for Emotional Stress Relief  and this is for acute situations where you have been riled up by a specific event and you want to calm down quickly, and the other one is called CHILL which is more for that longer term stress you might  have been dealing with over an extended period of time.

The other thing which can really help is a PEMF device. The one I use is called the NES Mihealth, and again, I’lll leave the links below where you can purchase this. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagetic Frequency, and what this does is pulse out specific frequencies which have an impact on your nervous system due to its impact on your bodies electromagenetic field, and the reason this works is because at our core, our body is first ENERGY before it is matter.

Just like our body and brain can be affected by harmful EMF’s from phones and computers and general electromagnetic smog, so too can we be positively impacted by life affirming frequencies. 
So, this particular device has numerous uses, but one thing I like to use it for is during meditation with a setting such as ‘inner peace’ or  ‘chill’ or ‘mental clarity.’So when I do this exercise, I can either take a few drops of the structured water which is has a positive  impact on my electromagnetic field thus affecting my physical wellbeing, or I can use the PEMF device, or both.

So then you have 4 ways you are bringing your nervous system into more balance: through pressing on the neuro-vascular points to improve the blood flow to your brain, toning a sound to enhance your bodies nitric oxide  production which has all sorts of positive effects, as well as affecting you body field with the PEMF device and/structured water.

So that’s it for today. Feel free to check out the links below for more information about the structured water and the PEMF device, or the other links such as the voice scan analysis or the 7 day energy toning challenge.
And if you have any questions about what I have talked about here, feel free to reach out to me via email or comment below if you are listening from youtube. Bye for now!

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