Qigong 6 Healing Sounds

I think one of the most challenging aspects of trying to manifest things is that we are so often stuck in emotions that feel unpleasant, and the whole reason we WANT to manifest something new is to FEEL better. Our emotions have a vibrational signature and are for the most part stored in the body. It is hard to be positive and manifest great things when you heart is broken or you’ve just suffered a loss or you feel intensely angry or a deep sadness about something. If you try and manifest at these times, most likely you are going to be ‘asking the universe’ out of fear, sorrow, lack and anger, even if you think you are being positive.So what can you do?

There are many ways to release unpleasant emotions so you can make way for more positive emotions, but one of my favourite ways is through using SOUND. But, not merely listening to a specific sound- actually using your own voice to MAKE a sound and vibrate certain areas of your body.

These 6 healing sounds correlate with specific organs in your body, and these organs, according the Chinese medicine, are linked to specific emotions.

-The Lungs are linked to sadness, depression and grief. We aim to transform these emotions to inspiration, confidence and courage. The sound of the Lungs is Zzzz. The colour is White.

-The Kidneys are linked to Fear and insecurity. We aim to transform these emotions into Tranquility, peace and stillness. The sound of the kidneys is Choreee. The colour us Blue.

-The Liver is related to anger, stress and frustration. We aim to transform these emotions into kindness, generosity and creativity. The sound is Shoooo. The colour is green.

-The heart is linked to Impatience, arrogance, and violence. We aim to transform these emotions into love, joy, happiness and connection. The sound is Harrr and the colour is red.

-The spleen is linked to worry, excessive thinking and anxiety. We aim to transform these emotions into balance, clear thinking and a sense of being balanced. The sound is Whorr and the colour is yellow.

-The triple warmer is not a physical organ in the body, but according to chinese medicine is associated with the 3 main energy centres of the body: The head cavity, the chest cavity and the stomach cavity. When energy is not distributed well between these 3 centres, we are likely to feel a high degree of stress, have digestive issues and generally feel out of balance. The sound of the triple warmer is Heee, and when we use this sound it helps to bring the body and mind into a more over all rested state.

Which sound do you feel you need most right now in order to help clear specific emotions so you feel more clear about your manifestations? Comment below and feel free to try the guided meditation.