Chill-NES Health Infoceutical


For positive emotions. Supports feelings of peace, happiness, openness, and increased relaxation.
Cerebral cortex processing of thoughts and emotions; helps to clear mental overload, especially in relation to persistent thoughts due to worry / anxiety.
Particularly noticeable effect on aiding sleep because one of the most common causes of insomnia is excessive thought, especially worries. It is not a sedative.

May be related to learning difficulties and problem solving, and social learning for adults.

Good to take in the evening. Many people report meaningful dreams or clear insights while using it.

Chill is connected to the emotions of the Energetic Integrators and is modified by ED2 (Heart Imprinter Driver), emphasizing positive emotions.

While ESR (MB5) is designed to support present-day stress, Chill does the deeper work of dealing with long-term emotional stress that replays itself in loops. Think about it in terms of continual “worry” that can also cause incessant thinking and trouble sleeping. Chill may assist with sleep that is caused by this kind of worry.

Chill is designed to help process the backlog of emotional and sensory data due to overload, better organizing information and promoting greater peace, happiness, and relaxation. Similar to Liberator (MB6), it may promote dreaming as emotions are processed.