7 Day Energy Toning Challenge


If you’ve ever been curious as to how you can use your voice in chant to:
-shift your vibration
-resonate your chakras
-release sadness
-experience deep relaxation
-enlarge and strengthen your aura
-let go of inner conflict and enhance your intuition……then this challenge is for you.


DAY 1: Locate your energy centres which correlate to the bundle of nerves that run along side your spine. You’ll feel them with a your own voice combined with using the specific sounds which resonate in particular areas of your body.
Day 2: Learn proper breathing techniques so you can deepen your energy toning experience, and experience an elongated vocal tone for deep relaxation.
Day 3:  Try the first Energy Toning Meditation-a 10 minute exercise focusing on the first 3 energy centres which will help to release deep seated fear and help ground you plus release over thinking and over analysing.
Day 4: Try the Heart Energy Toning Meditation to release long standing emotions that no longer serve you and increase your ability to feel joy,
Day 5: Experience the Qigong 6 Healing Sounds to release grief, sadness, depression, anger, fear and anxiety, and understand how these emotions are processed in certain organs in our body.
Day 6: Learn how to put together your own customised Energy Toning Session using music of your choice tailored to your specific needs so you can focus on what is most relevant to you with your new found skills.
Day 7: Learn to move energy in your body in one breath and feel the vibrations more intensely…
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