NES Health Testimonials

Below are just some of the outstanding results that people get from using NES health treatments.

Meet Emily

Emily suffered from severe pain for nearly a decade. She couldn’t eat solid foods because her digestive system was so disrupted. She also used to take 5 sleeping pills a night just to get to sleep. NES Health treatment really turned all this around.

Meet Roz

Roz and her husband show horses competitively. NES Health is not just effective for humans, but very effective for animals, and what makes that particularly outstanding is that we know that animals are not prone to a placebo effect when treated. They will either get better or they won’t. Listen to how Roz and her husband got one of their favourite horses back on deck despite being told due to his injuries the horse would never be able to compete again.  In addition to this, Ros’s husband was able to be be pain free after years and years of crippling back pain after a short time of being treated with NES protocols. This is also a testament as to how useful it is to own your own MiHealth device so you can do this healing work for yourself.

Meet Ryan

Ryan used NES treatments to help support him release his drug addictions and choose a new life.