NES Health

In order to begin to understand what NES Health body field scanning is and how it can help you with physical, mental and emotional challenges, watch the video below, and if you would like to proceed with booking a NES consultation from where ever you are in the world, please follow the instructions below the video. ___________________________________________________________________________________________


 6 Steps in order to proceed with a NES program

You do not need to be in the same location in the world as your chosen NES Health practitioner in order to start a NES program. NES technology has evolved to be able to remotely scan your body field using a remote scanning device connected to your computer with some software, of which you can then send the results of your scan via the NES Health cloud system. To learn more about what is actually in a scan, click here.

First scan and consultation is free

*After purchase of remote scanner

General overview of what you need to do:

  1. Purchase a remote scanner (available in ‘SHOP’), and send Liz an email detailing the health challenges you would like to resolve. It is also recommended you purchase a client MiHealth for the best results, however this is optional in the beginning stages.
  2. Download the software to your computer (Liz will send you a link after you have purchased the remote scanner)
  3. When your scanning device arrives, let Liz know when you intend to do your scan, and she will make sure you can have a face to face consultation via skype as soon as possible after you have sent your scan results so Liz can discuss the treatment protocol and way forward should you decide you would like to proceed.
  4. Purchase the recommended infoceuticals as soon as you have discussed your treatment plan with Liz. She will organise this during the skype consultation.
  5. It is recommended you stick to a 6 month treatment protocol where you will send Liz a new scan once per month as well as have a face to face skype consultation each month to discuss your progress and any challenges that may have come up.
  6. Feel free to contact Liz via email any time during this 6 month treatment protocol with any questions or concerns you may have.