“I help women with low energy and fitness levels reclaim their vigour, confidence and vitality.”

Take a new approach to your fitness and wellbeing with an 8 week program face to face with Liz- a qualified personal trainer, yoga instructor, certified bioenergetics and Qigong practitioner.

During  Liz’s 8 week fitness and wellbeing program you will:

  • Super charge your energy levels
  • Strengthen and tone your body with HIIT body weight and resistance exercises
  • Address muscle imbalances and weaknesses which could be causing you pain and fatigue
  • Reduce stress and increase your energy with the flowing and time tested practice of qigong
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Discover where you are losing energy in your body and organ systems and what you can do about it
  • Increase your vitality, happiness and wellbeing in a deep way!

When you enrol in this program you will receive:

  • An 8 week overview and action plan to help you stay focused
  • 3 Bioenergetic scans (with their interpretation and recommended treatments)
  • A login to access your scan results so you can spend more time looking through them at home
  • 8 Face to face training sessions with Liz
  • 4 HIIT audios for your own home workouts
  • 4 Qigong videos for your own home practice


How long is each training session?

Each training session is 45 minutes long. You will spend 5 minutes warming up, 20 minutes on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), then 20 minutes on Qigong. The sessions are to ensure you are moving correctly and safely and getting the most out of your exercises. On days you receive your bioenergetic scan, the entire session will be 60 minutes.

How often should I workout at home for best results?

After your training session with Liz, during the rest of the week you should do 2-3 more sessions of HIIT with the guidance of the audio download, and 3 qigong sessions with the guidance of the videos.

How long are the home sessions?

Each session lasts around 20 minutes after you have done the warm up. You will spend  no more than 25 minutes in total each day you do one of the home workouts when you include the warm up. This program is designed to be efficient and sustainable.

What is qigong?

Qigong is roughly translated from Chinese as ‘energy skill’ or ‘energy mastery’. It is similar to Tai Chi, yet much more accessible and easier to practice. It has many medical studies revealing its effectiveness for health, stress reduction and over all wellbeing.

Where will I access the audio and videos in the program?

You will be given your own login to be able to access them as well as being able to download the audios to save to your mp3 device.

Where are the training sessions held?

In Liz’s private exercise space in Point Cook, or in a park nearby.

What days is Liz available for training?

Liz is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 5AM-7AM, and then 9.30AM-11.30AM.

How hard are the workouts?

The better and more efficiently you are moving, the more effective the exercises will be for you. If they are either too hard or too easy for you, Liz will give you options for each one so it is customised for you.

I need to lose weight. Can I expect weight loss from this program?

If you are sticking to the plan and eating well, then absolutely yes!

Does the program offer meal plan and nutrition advice?

For the most part, no because everyone has such different needs for nutrition and food choices. However, the bioenergetic scan will indicate what foods may be a problem for you and what vitamins and minerals you may be missing or not absorbing.

What is bioenergetics exactly?

Bioenergetics is the part of biochemistry concerned with the energy involved in making and breaking of chemical bonds in the molecules found in biological organisms. It can also be defined as the study of energy relationships and energy transformations and transductions in living organisms. Liz is a certified NES Health practitioner and therefore uses NES protocols in relation to bioenergetics. You can learn more about NES Health by watching the video below.

Got more questions?

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