Stress Relief Techniques

[VIDEO TRANSCRIPT] Today I am going to talk about a simple technique to quickly decrease your stress and anxiety with the sound of your voice as well as your fingers. I’ll also talk about some additional tools you can use on top of this simple technique to get even faster results.

This technique  really helps  me to get my priorities straight on any given day. when I might be feeling scattered of overwhelmed, or struggling with making decisions. I think deep down, our innate wisdom has the answers for us, but our job is to get calm enough to ‘hear’ those answers. 

Whether you work for yourself or you are just overwhelmed with trying to make important decisions and can’t seem to get traction on anything, this little simple technique can help.

It involves using your voice to ‘tone’ a sound, at the same time as placing your finger tips on your forehead to feel the pulse of your blood through your skin.

There are spots on your forehead called the ‘neuro-vascular points’,  and when you place your fingers on them for an extended period of time (at least 5 minutes) you will start to feel blood pulsing evenly under your fingers. This is a sign that blood has been restored more evenly to the frontal lobe of the brain which, when you are stressed or overwhelmed, blood does not flow so well here leading you to make less sound decisions and feeling scattered.
So, if you are listening to this on a platform other than youtube and are not quite sure where exactly these neurovascular points are, they are located approximately  2 cm above your eyebrows and when you press your fingers into your forehead you’ll notice the bone on your forehead dips in a little. This little dip is where you want to focus your finger tips and press relatively firmly. 

Now, when you also ‘tone’ a single note at the same time as firmly resting your fingers on these spots, you will speed up the process of bringing the even blood flow back to both sides of the brain. 
If you have been following me for a while and have been toning in your meditations,  you might like to experiment with the vocal harmonics where you change the shape of your mouth to hear the ‘harmonic’ of the fundamental note.-so other words, hearing two notes at once. 

So the tone will sound like this (listen to video above to hear this):

Can you hear how I am shifting the pitch of upper note with the shape of my mouth with the sounds ‘or’ to ‘ooo’ to ‘eee’? You might notice there are specific harmonics which lend themselves to feeling more relaxed or a stronger blood pulse under your fingers. If you do notice this, stay on that particular harmonic as it may be particularly beneficial for you.

But if the harmonics are too complicated for you at this stage, just stick to one    sound for now.
So to begin, find the neurovascular points and press in with your second, third, fourth and fifth fingers with both hands just above each eye brow, and then begin to make your toning sound and feel for the blood pulse under your fingers. At first the blood pulse might feel wirey or non existent, but after a while you will feel it lightly under the fingers-perhaps uneven at first for example stronger on one side than the other, but after a while you’ll feel it evenly under both hands into your fingers.

Depending on how stressed out you are and the state of your nervous system, it could take anywhere from 5-20 minutes to feel this even blood flow. If you find your arms get tired, you might want to do this while resting your elbows on the table in front of you while sitting.

Now….other tools you can use to speed up this process is to first take a few drops of a particular structured water remedy which helps to dampen any kind of stress response I’ll leave the links below where you can check out these remedies. These drops are kind of like homeopathy, but more specific and advanced. You could see them as homeopathy 2.0. The ones I recommend are called ESR which is short for Emotional Stress Relief  and this is for acute situations where you have been riled up by a specific event and you want to calm down quickly, and the other one is called CHILL which is more for that longer term stress you might  have been dealing with over an extended period of time.

The other thing which can really help is a PEMF device. The one I use is called the NES Mihealth, and again, I’lll leave the links below where you can purchase this. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagetic Frequency, and what this does is pulse out specific frequencies which have an impact on your nervous system due to its impact on your bodies electromagenetic field, and the reason this works is because at our core, our body is first ENERGY before it is matter.

Just like our body and brain can be affected by harmful EMF’s from phones and computers and general electromagnetic smog, so too can we be positively impacted by life affirming frequencies. 
So, this particular device has numerous uses, but one thing I like to use it for is during meditation with a setting such as ‘inner peace’ or  ‘chill’ or ‘mental clarity.’So when I do this exercise, I can either take a few drops of the structured water which is has a positive  impact on my electromagnetic field thus affecting my physical wellbeing, or I can use the PEMF device, or both.

So then you have 4 ways you are bringing your nervous system into more balance: through pressing on the neuro-vascular points to improve the blood flow to your brain, toning a sound to enhance your bodies nitric oxide  production which has all sorts of positive effects, as well as affecting you body field with the PEMF device and/structured water.

So that’s it for today. Feel free to check out the links below for more information about the structured water and the PEMF device, or the other links such as the voice scan analysis or the 7 day energy toning challenge.
And if you have any questions about what I have talked about here, feel free to reach out to me via email or comment below if you are listening from youtube. Bye for now!

Purchase the structured water and MiHealth here:

Click here to go the shop.

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Benefits Of Activating The Pineal Gland

I really enjoyed chatting to fellow yoga instructor Monica on my latest podcast episode about the pineal gland and the benefits of activating it through tone singing.

The pineal gland is a small pine cone shaped organ in the brain and has been linked to our sleep wake cycles as well as the production of serotonin and melatonin.

Some call it the “seat of the soul” or the “third eye,” believing it holds mystical powers. Others believe it produces and secretes DMT, otherwise known as Dimethyltryptamine-a psychedelic so powerful that it was dubbed the “spirit molecule” for its spiritual awakening–type trips.

Revered amongst art work and sculptures across several religious settings such as the giant pine cone structure outside the Vatican, within ancient Egypts ‘Eye Of Horus’ pictures and Hinduism’s ‘3rd eye’ depicted on the Gods Shiva and other deities, it represents an awakening, or enlightenment, as the ability to see into higher realms of existence and consciousness.

You can have a listen here:

Or you can listen on a variety of other platforms here:

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Chant For Connecting To Inner Wisdom

At Cleveland University, research shows that the melodic and rhythmic tones created when chanting form a soothing effect in the body called the Neuro-linguistic effect [NLE]. Another part of the research shows the increased effect of releasing healing chemicals in the brain when we are intentionally attaching a meaning or understanding to the mantra. This is called the Psycholinguistic effect [PLE]. 

The University of California, Los Angeles, studied the benefits of yogic chanting by comparing the effects of two groups. Each group had a practice for 12-minutes a day at the same time for 8 weeks.  One group had the practice of kirtan kriya, kundalini yoga chanting. The other group spent their segmented time relaxing to a soothing piece of music.  The yogic chanting group showed positive results that actually doubled the relaxation group. The benefits didn’t just stop there, actually, the kirtan kriya group showed an increase in cognitive function.

They also had increased telomerase activity.  Telomeres are the protein caps on the end of each chromosome in your body. During cellular division, telomeres will replicate themselves. Through this process, they will become shorter while the chromosomes divide themselves. The cell cannot divide and multiply when the telomeres eventually becomes too short. Telomerase is an enzyme that extends the telomeres of chromosomes. Telomeres shortening has been linked to aging and potentially lengthening telomeres can extend our lives. “

What is a mantra?

A mantra when chanted, spoken or thought can act like a portal and transport the speaker to the healing state the mantra teaches. Mantras should be used repetitively to acquire their fullest teaching. Mantras have the power to rewire subconscious thoughts, habitual patterns, and dissolve limiting beliefs. To reap the full benefits of a mantra you need to use it intentionally in order to activate the Psycholinguistic effect [PLE]. As well as stick to using it on a regular basis for a prolonged length of time. This will give your mind time to attune to its teaching as well as reprogram limiting beliefs.

Try this chant:

‘Aham Prema’ – Aham – can be understood as I am  – Prema – means pure divine love the existence within the essence of all beings This mantra affirms that you are pure love and connects you to the root of this energy. It ignites awareness of this cosmic compassion and amplifies this love to shine through you.”

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How To Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

?Today’s topic: STRESS And One Way To Deal With It.?

This post will show you how you can stimulate your vagus nerve using nothing but your own voice.

You likely know that meditation is a good remedy for stress, and there have been countless studies on the effectiveness of meditation and mindfulness. But today, I want to show you a way you can get more instant benefits from meditation in no longer than 4 minutes.

Allow me to start with a story.

One day I was meditating, and feeling frustrated that I just couldn’t get into the zone. My mind was racing and I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had to do for the day and I had this feeling that I was wasting time by just sitting there. I felt ‘rushed’ to get into the zone and get my ‘inner calm’ on for the day. Talk about cognitive dissonance! Suddenly I felt compelled to let a sound come from my mouth-just a hum- a long hum. Instantly I felt vibrations running through my body with my eyes closed, and something switched over in my mind. I felt more focused-alive even.

The buzzing sensations from the sound left a residual ring around my body and I felt more present. So I did it again, this time with more intention, and that feeling grew once more.I continued doing this for another few minutes, each time the vibrations growing in intensity. When I got up from this meditation, I felt the most calm and clear I had felt in a long time, and I had done it in a shorter amount of time compared to my usual 15-20 minute meditations.

This sent me on a quest for research around sound and chanting, and I realised that this practice has been around for thousands of years! I learned that making sounds like this is otherwise known as ’toning’. Not only that, I discovered that toning has been shown to:

* Lower inflammation in your body

* Improve brain function

* Release pain relieving endorphins and increase your happiness

* Improve your breathing due to more conscious focus on the breath leading to a deeper oxygenation in the body

* Activate the parasympathetic nervous system-one of three divisions of the autonomic nervous system, which lowers your heart rate and increases intestinal and glandular activity

* Stimulate your vagus nerve. You don’t have to be a singer or know anything about music. If you can sound one ‘note’ from your voice, you can do this.

?So, I invite you to try the toning exercise below. Just follow along and repeat the humming sequence.

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One Thing For Weight Loss

Today’s health and wellness topic is weight loss. 

Oh what a huge market this is! So many people are giving us so much advice-what to eat, what not to eat.

Well, today I’ll just offer ONE simple tip which can be the difference between success or failure. Because I like to keep things as simple as possible. There are many other things I COULD say, but it seems to be part of the human condition that if we take on too many things at once, we end up doing none of them. So here we go. 

First thing I want to say is that although exercise obviously plays a vital role in weight loss, it’s not the first thing you should be considering. 

One of the biggest things that contribute to our weight gain is (drum roll please)….. eating late at night.

The trick here is to not eat anything within 3-4 hours before you go to bed. Why? Because it affects how your metabolism works. Not only that, if you eat right before bed, you’re less likely to get a good sleep. It affects how well-rested the brain can be. If your body is busy concentrating on breaking down food as you try and get to sleep, you’re less likely to get deep restorative sleep.

And, if you get less deep restorative sleep, this will impact your cortisol levels throughout the day (aka stress hormones). This causes you to store more fat because the body thinks there might be a famine around the corner, so it better start saving fat for survival. 

Allow me to explain a little about the science of this:

According to Dr Steven Gundry (author of ‘The Longevity Paradox)-while you are asleep, your brain quite literally ‘cleans house’. Cerebrospinal fluid flows through the brain, cleaning out the spaces in between cells. Your brain cells actually shrink in size when you are in a deep restorative sleep. This is known as the glymphatic system. 

The glymphatic system, just like your digestive system, requires a great deal of blood flow. So when you eat right before bed, most of the blood flow is going to your stomach, and not your brain. 

And here is the thing, this glymphatic system is most active during the initial stages of your sleep cycle which happens soon after going to bed. 

This is why people say the best sleep happens before midnight. 

Are you starting to connect the dots? 

And guess what? This glymphatic system has important implications for Alzheimer’s later in life. 

Who knew, right? This was a revelation to me when I learned this! 

So you see, one habit affects one thing, which affects another and so on. 

Now-I hear protests already. But let me explain. People who say they just can’t sleep if they’re hungry- I totally hear you. I too struggle with this. But if this is you, it just indicates a need to adjust your nutrition throughout the day and/or address blood sugar imbalances. This is particularly relevant to vegetarians and vegans, as they’re carbohydrate intake is often higher than meat-eaters. 

And I know how hard it can be to avoid this-especially when you have those nights you just want ‘your time’ after the kids are in bed and you decide to stay up late, mindlessly scrolling through social media or watching or reading something. 


There is also another thing that contributes to feeling hungry at night: looking at a screen late into the night. Why? Because screens emit blue light, and blue light is a signal to our body that it is morning time, and it is time to ‘break fast’. Therefore our circadian rhythm gets messed up. Our circadian rhythm is intimately tied to our hunger signals. 

The answer? Well, the saying ‘early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise’, is not just a catchphrase bumper sticker. It is actually life-changing advice! 

So, in a nutshell:

  1. don’t eat within 3-4 hours of your bedtime.
  2. If hungry before bed, adjust your nutrition during the day and/or address blood sugar issues.
  3. Go to bed early and rise early. 

(I said I’d give you ONE thing didn’t I? Well, it’s still one thing, with three parts. ?)

Ps. Want to supercharge your meditation practice? Want to release negative energy and experience deep inner stillness in 10 minutes or less?

Take the 7 Day Energy Toning Challenge! Find out more here.

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How I overcome back pain

Back in the year 2006, I remember suddenly bending over in a certain way to pick something up, and suddenly my lower back twinged. This was the beginning of a long journey to try and understand how to fix a chronic back problem. An MRI was done, and it was found I had a bulging disc at L5S1 (one of the most common areas to get back issues), plus a tear in the cartilage of the general area too.

On top of this, I also began to have right hip problems. Another MRI revealed I had early arthritis where the ball and socket area of the hip was degrading fast for my age. I was 26. For a while, this was rather debilitating. I went to see physios, chiropractors, osteopaths-and while all these helped for a while, it didn’t really fix the problem. A while later, I had chronic left shoulder issues. I wondered why I seemed to be falling apart at such a young age.

I was a professional flute player at the time, regularly performing and practising. From a posture perspective, the flute is a pretty unnatural instrument to play. There is a twist in the pelvis, and each arm is doing something different, so you are in an asymmetrical position. It’s not uncommon for musicians to have repetitive strain injuries as they are in static positions for long periods. But not all musicians have these problems. Why is that?

Back in the day, I had a high intensity about how I approached my playing, and this translated into a high degree of muscle tension. So you could almost say, it was coming from a specific psychological stance that affected me on a physical level. I struggled to regulate when I needed to step up, and when I needed to take a break, so I was lacking balance.

After years of pain, and even a year off from playing, Bikram yoga came into my life. This was a complete game-changer for me. If you haven’t heard of Bikram yoga, it is where you go into a hot room for 90 minutes at 39 degrees Celsius and practice the same 26 postures each class. I call it ‘military yoga’. Every class is precisely the same-but you may experience it entirely differently based on the state of mind you walk in with. Some days the heat was bearable, other days it was completely intolerable. After every class, you walk out dripping wet with sweat as if you have just stepped out of a shower.

I remember the first class I ever did-I swore I would never go back. It was terrible.

But the next day, something amazing happened. I woke up with such a reduction in pain in my body overall that I thought I better go back. So I did….for another 4 years.

Bikram yoga put me back together again on a physical AND emotional level. And this was so life-changing that I decided to go and get my own qualifications in personal training and yoga-based programs, and then go on later to study bioenergetics.

Now, am I saying that anyone who has lower back pain and any other muscular-skeletal problems should go and do 4 years of Bikram? Or get some formal qualifications to understand what their issues are?


What I AM saying is often the problem lies around lack of discipline. We actually need to DO the exercises we are prescribed by practitioners, plus actually keep fit in the first place.

You might think you are keeping fit, but are you challenging your body in all sorts of ways? Or are you doing the same exercise over and over again? Can you honestly say you are getting out at least 4-5 times per week and walking 10,000 steps most days?

Because I can tell you, when I don’t do these things, this is when my pain returns-everywhere!

There was nothing wrong with any of the practitioners I was seeing beforehand to try and fix my back. It was my lack of follow through with what they told me to do, combined with certain ’type A’ personality traits which encompass a high degree of intensity about everything.

In addition to the physical aspect of pain, there is often an emotional aspect. For example, different body parts can represent various psychological aspects. The shoulders can express how much you feel you are ’shouldering’ responsibility in your life-perhaps you feel burdened by something. The lower back can represent how much support you feel you have in life. Perhaps you wish people would support you more, or you feel worried about being able to support yourself, financially or in other ways.

But of course, this is always coupled with a bio-mechanical or structural problem. Perhaps you have one leg that is slightly longer than the other (more common than you think). Or maybe you have slight scoliosis in the spine, a swayback (an excessive anterior tilt in the pelvis). Or maybe your hip, knee and ankle alignment needs some work, or excessive tight hip flexor muscles need to be lengthened. Or, maybe you just sit down for too long each day and do not do enough walking and have weak glutes. Or maybe you have excessive stress in your life which leads to having more muscle pain and health challenges in general (daily meditation will help with this).

There are multiple reasons as to why you might have low back pain. However, with the right dedication and follow through with what your physical therapists tell you, most people can overcome their back pain. More often than not, an unfortunate HABIT will precede the pain/injury. This is not ALWAYS the case. But in my experience, having been around and worked in the health and fitness industry for 12 years, it usually is.

So, in a nutshell, to overcome lower back pain:

Walk every day-10,000 steps is ideal.
Do pilates and yoga to strengthen your core-see someone qualified.
My physical therapist of choice is an Osteopath.
Follow through with the exercises a physical therapist gives you (most people do not!)
Strengthen the glutes with squats, lunges.
Stretch the hip flexors
Contemplate what emotional aspects might be going on and how it could relate to your pain. Take practical steps to alleviate.
You may also want to look deeper and work with a bioenergetic practitioner. Bioenergetic practitioners work with sound and frequency and the electromagnetic spectrum and help you examine your emotional life. I would only recommend this if you have exhausted all other options and have been really disciplined with exercises.

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I Quit Coffee For 30 Days

I recently undertook an experiment to quit coffee for 30 days. I am up to day 28. I have been a coffee drinker for 20 years, and there has barely been a day I didn’t have a coffee during that time. But throughout most of that time, I had this underlying feeling that coffee probably isn’t the best thing I could be drinking. I have felt I’d likely benefit by not drinking it at all.

I’ve never been a heavy coffee drinker-usually only 2 cups a day, but sometimes (when I was extra tired) 3 cups. But I know I am sensitive to the stuff, so 2-3 was enough for me to feel like it’s probably not the best thing for me.The first week was rough. I have tried to quit coffee many times before, but it never felt like ’the right time’ to quit. I joined a ‘quit coffee’ Facebook group. I learned a lot from those who were further along in their journey. I learned how it took many people 6 months or more to reach some kind of balance after drinking coffee for decades. But every single one of those people has said they will NEVER go back to it. They say the health benefits they have experienced since quitting far outweighed the feeling of deprivation from not having it.

On the whole, we worship coffee. We have catchphrases like ‘Don’t talk to me until I have my morning coffee’. We see slogans on coffee mugs which say ‘It’s Monday, but coffee can handle it’ or ‘It’s coffee o’clock!’Then we hear ourselves sometimes saying ‘I have a headache, I think I am having coffee withdrawal (goes and gets a coffee).Those who drink coffee daily know what I am talking about. It’s almost akin to a religion. It’s the most socially acceptable drug in the world.

But did you know that coffee changes the structure of your brain? Coffee blocks specific receptor sites; therefore, your brain makes more and more of these receptor sites to compensate. This is why if you have ever quit coffee cold turkey and felt that debilitating crash, it’s because all those receptor sites are suddenly wide open telling your body you are SO TIRED!Did you also know that studies have shown it shrinks the pineal gland in long term users? This has implications for melatonin production, thus having a knock-on affect on sleep quality. This, in turn, has a knock-on impact on your immune system-therefore, probably shortening your life span? On the flip side, we’re told that coffee has health benefits.

But what we’re not told is that the health benefits only apply to how wisely we ‘use’ coffee. For example, the time of day you have it, how much you have, how your unique genetic makeup metabolises it. For some people, coffee will never be good for them no matter what the ‘health studies’ are telling us. A healthier approach would be to have regular breaks from drinking coffee-eg one week off, three weeks on. That routine is unthinkable for most who enjoy their coffee daily.

My results so far from quitting for 30 days? One thing I have noticed in a big way is how present I feel when I teach my Body Balance classes. I feel like I can be myself more, not take myself so seriously and laugh more and therefore connect with the class better. It’s not always easy getting up in front of a class week in and week out and remembering everything you’re meant to teach. Delivering it in a way that sits well with the class, and creating a good experience for them is the aim. But since quitting coffee, I feel like I am providing that experience better. On an objective level, my sleep quality has improved by 8% (I have been tracking my sleep for over a year now with an app).I am generally less hungry. Annoying muscle twitches have gone (coffee is known to deplete magnesium).And, I think I am generally less reactive to life and am more proactive.

On the downside (and sorry if this is too much information) constipation has been a really really uncomfortable side effect! This is just a further indication of how my nervous system and digestion has been affected through long term coffee usage. So, some gut/digestive tract healing is likely required as well as extra attention to fibre intake.I’m not saying I will never drink coffee again, but I do think it is something we should use responsibly.

One book I would recommend to learn more about it is called ‘Caffeine Blues’ by Stephen Cherniske. It’s an eye-opener to this cult called ‘coffee’. So, would you take a 30-day challenge and quit coffee to find out what it might do for you? You won’t know unless you try!!

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Qigong 6 Healing Sounds

I think one of the most challenging aspects of trying to manifest things is that we are so often stuck in emotions that feel unpleasant, and the whole reason we WANT to manifest something new is to FEEL better. Our emotions have a vibrational signature and are for the most part stored in the body. It is hard to be positive and manifest great things when you heart is broken or you’ve just suffered a loss or you feel intensely angry or a deep sadness about something. If you try and manifest at these times, most likely you are going to be ‘asking the universe’ out of fear, sorrow, lack and anger, even if you think you are being positive.So what can you do?

There are many ways to release unpleasant emotions so you can make way for more positive emotions, but one of my favourite ways is through using SOUND. But, not merely listening to a specific sound- actually using your own voice to MAKE a sound and vibrate certain areas of your body.

These 6 healing sounds correlate with specific organs in your body, and these organs, according the Chinese medicine, are linked to specific emotions.

-The Lungs are linked to sadness, depression and grief. We aim to transform these emotions to inspiration, confidence and courage. The sound of the Lungs is Zzzz. The colour is White.

-The Kidneys are linked to Fear and insecurity. We aim to transform these emotions into Tranquility, peace and stillness. The sound of the kidneys is Choreee. The colour us Blue.

-The Liver is related to anger, stress and frustration. We aim to transform these emotions into kindness, generosity and creativity. The sound is Shoooo. The colour is green.

-The heart is linked to Impatience, arrogance, and violence. We aim to transform these emotions into love, joy, happiness and connection. The sound is Harrr and the colour is red.

-The spleen is linked to worry, excessive thinking and anxiety. We aim to transform these emotions into balance, clear thinking and a sense of being balanced. The sound is Whorr and the colour is yellow.

-The triple warmer is not a physical organ in the body, but according to chinese medicine is associated with the 3 main energy centres of the body: The head cavity, the chest cavity and the stomach cavity. When energy is not distributed well between these 3 centres, we are likely to feel a high degree of stress, have digestive issues and generally feel out of balance. The sound of the triple warmer is Heee, and when we use this sound it helps to bring the body and mind into a more over all rested state.

Which sound do you feel you need most right now in order to help clear specific emotions so you feel more clear about your manifestations? Comment below and feel free to try the guided meditation.

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Human Electromagnetic Field

What does the Human Electromagnetic Field have to do with health? Have you ever stopped to experience this invisible field? And what can you do to interact with it and therefore improve your wellbeing?

Find out in the latest podcast:

On youtube:

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Best Things For Your Health

In todays podcast I talk about 3 best things for your health that you really need to be doing if you want to optimise your health. There is no point in taking supplements or trying extreme things for your health if these 3 basic ingredients are not in place in your lifestyle. They are so basic that we usually take them for granted. Question is, are you doing them?

Find out what they are in the show.

Link mentioned in show:  5 Hacks To Naturally Prime Your Mind And Body For Deep, Restful Sleep

On Youtube:

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