Bioenergetics of health challenges

Depression, Tinnitus, Heart conditions And Bioenergetics

What might the heart and kidneys have to do with hearing and emotional problems?

When we think about health we mostly refer to what we can touch and feel and see. But there is a whole other layer to consider. Today I want to talk about heart and kidney health from a bioenergetic point of view, and it’s impact on the brain and the processing of emotions and the role the heart and/or kidneys possibly play in conditions like tinnitus or other cognitive problems.  But first of all, let’s clarify what bioenergetics actually is.

How do you define bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is the biology of energy transformation and energy exchanges within and between living things and their environments. So, the field of bioenergetics might look at how our heart communicates with our brain via informational pathways. On a physical level, this is one good example because the heart and the brain both share similar neurons.   Dr. Armour, in 1991, discovered that the heart has its “little brain” or “intrinsic cardiac nervous system.” This “heart brain” is composed of approximately 40,000 neurons that are alike neurons in the brain, meaning that the heart has its own nervous system. In addition, the heart communicates with the brain in many ways: neurologically, biochemically, biophysically, and energetically. The vagus nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body, carries information from the heart and other internal organs to the brain. He also found that the heart sends more signals to the brain than the other way around.  ( On a more esoteric, energetic or emotional level, this has interesting correlations to common sayings in every day life: ‘listen to your heart‘, or ‘what does your heart tell you?‘  We say these things without even fully considering their implications. In chinese medicine, the heart is considered The Emperor, and therefore the ruler of the body and is correlated with the positive emotion of joy, and the negative emotion of hatred. So on an emotional level, if our heart is hurting, it can interfere with the informational transfer to the brain and affect its optimal functioning, hence the link to depression, cognitive decline or tinnitus. Interestingly, the heart also has a much larger magnetic field than the brain does, so from the bioenergetic point of view it makes perfect sense that the heart receives information before the brain does.

How are the heart and kidneys connected in a physical sense?

The kidneys job is to filter blood that has been pumped from the heart. It also helps regulate the water and salt levels to control blood pressure. Recent research has shown that heart failure is a risk factor for patients with chronic kidney disease.( When the kidneys become impaired, the hormone system, which regulates blood pressure, goes into overdrive in an attempt to increase blood supply to the kidneys. The heart then has to pump against higher pressure in the arteries, and eventually suffers from the increase in workload.

What is the bioenergetic connection between the heart and kidneys?

In Chinese medicine, as well as other energy medicine modalities such as NES Health, the kidneys are seen as the driver of life force energy. They house the adrenal glands which have an impact on the hormonal system also. But, there is a strong non-physical component to this life force energy, just as there is a non-physical component to our emotions.  Energy medicine modalities  approach health in a way that is preventative rather than curative. So, to get to the bottom of  kidney, heart or cognitive conditions, the practitioner first considers the energy flow of the whole system, and sees the symbiotic relationship between the physical and the non physical. If someone suffers from tinnitus, depression, cognitive decline or a heart condition, rather than looking at the brain or the heart first, the bioenergetic practitioner also considers the kidney energy, as well as the emotional disposition of the patient.

What is a sign your kidney energy is stagnated?

Simply put, you might suffer from depression, have unexplained tinnitus, have no energy and have a lot of unresolved fear. In order to feel better, you can:
  • Practice qigong to get stagnated energy flowing which will have a direct impact on your physical health
  • Use EFT to resolve emotional issues (a therapy which taps on certain chinese meridian points in a certain sequence. This modality has been very successful with helping veterans with  post traumatic stress disorder
  • See a Chinese medicine practitioner
  • See a NES Health practitioner and get a Body Field assessment and follow recommendations
  • Address the biggest stressors in your life with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Practice meditation and/or vocal toning to calm your nervous system and reduce the adrenalin being pumped around your body to allow the kidneys to rest
It’s not recommended to do very strenuous os exercise with kidney stagnation as you could make the issue worse. Think restorative exercises such as qigong or yin yoga ( a lower key kind of yoga)

Another way you can know what information is not ‘flowing’ correctly:

There are now modern ways of assessing this energy flow, other than being skilled at detecting the pulse of the blood which Chinese medicine practitioners are trained to do and ahve been doing for thousands of years by taking time to feel around on their patients wrist. Nes Health has 30 years of research behind it in bioenergetics and it has evolved to the point that an assessment of energetic flow can be taken simply by the sound of a persons voice with specific voice technology. You can find more information about that here. So if you do suffer from heart problems, depression or tinnitus or other cognitive issues, it might be worth considering the energy flow from your kidneys, and how this flow connects up to the heart and then to the brain. Of course, there could be many other reasons why you may be experiencing these health conditions, but from a bioenergetic point of view, this is one possibility.

Prefer to listen instead? Check out the Energy Toning podcast:

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DISCLAIMER: Energy medicine is to be used in conjunction with standard medical treatment rather than as a replacement for serious health conditions. Not considered medical advice.

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chronic neck pain treatments

Chronic Neck Pain Treatments

In this post I am going to talk about a few options you have for chronic neck pain treatments, as well as show you some exercises you can do at home, and talk about some of the deeper emotional causes of neck pain.

Why should you listen to me?

Hi, I am Liz, qualified fitness professional and certified bioenergetics and yoga practitioner. The causes of neck pain can take a myriad of forms which include poor posture, repetitive strain injury, spinal misalignment right down to how the balance your hips affect how the muscles of your lower body and move right up into your neck muscles. When it comes to treatment, one of the best options for neck pain is to go and see a good osteopath. Osteopaths look at the bigger picture of how your entire body is moving and they look for dysfunction in one area that may be jammed up which is not only at the site of your neck, but other areas of your body which are contributing to the problem. For the most part, neck pain is caused by faulty biomechanics which is caused by your behaviour and your habits both physical and emotional throughout your day. Once you have seen an Osteopath, you have to make sure you do the recommended exercises that they give you.

Follow through on the exercises

There is actually little point in seeing a practitioner if you don’t follow through on what they recommend that you do. Many people see practitioners or doctors hoping they will have some magic bullet to ‘fix’ their problem without looking at their own behaviour patterns and lifestyle habits. There are other options for neck pain such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and physiotherapy, but I’d first recommend you see an osteopath because of their holistic approach and the fact they have more training than other practitioners such as physiotherapists.

Some exercises you can try

So now I’ll get onto some easy exercises you can do at home to relieve neck pain which is often caused by stiff muscles around the spine and shoulders. One thing to be careful of here is that if you have any disc problems in the joints of your neck, this may not be appropriate for you or just go really really gently. One way you will know if you have disc problems in your neck is if you get tingling or pain or numbness down your arms into your fingers and that is an indication that the discs in your cervical spine are compressing the nerves that run down your arms. So, if this is you, be really careful with this exercise and do seek the guidance of a qualified Osteopath.

Grab a towel or tea towel or scarf

Go and grab yourself a bath towel or it can even work with a tea towel. The first exercise is you grab your towel and place it around your neck, and pull down relatively firmly, so you are creating a little but of resistance. Next you’re going to lean your head to one side about 25-30 times. You want to keep the resistance on the towel as you are doing this. (Watch at ….part in video above)

Breaking down the adhesions

What you are doing here is helping to break down adhesions in your neck muscles that are contributing to jamming up the joints in your neck causing pain. Rather than a static stretch, constant movement help to create blood flow which enhances the release of the muscles. Now we go to the other side. Just go gently but keep the resistance on the towel. Next we are going to go on a diagonal movement like this and you just want to imagine you are drawing a diagonal line with your chin so your starting here and then moving it down towards the opposite shoulder. Pull the towel out to the side a little like this and repeat 25-30 times. Then do it on the other side.

Neck stabilisers and stretch

Next, you’re just going to place your thumb on your chin (and this is what it looks like from the side) then push your chin back like you are trying to create a double chin, at the same time as pushing back against your thumb. Repeat this around 25-30 times. Because most of us have a forward head posture as a result of constantly looking down at our phones or poor posture over laptops and tablets, this exercise can help to mobilize the muscles that have become chronically tight at the back of the base of your head.

Sing and roll your R’s

Lastly, and this one might seem a bit weird to you, but you can roll your tongue at the same time as singing a note (you don’t have to be a good singer or anything), and what you are looking out for is feeling the vibrations at the back of your neck and within your neck. So it looks like this: (demo), and then you repeat this as much as it feels good to you. The reason why this can help release your neck muscles is because our bodies and muscles respond to sound vibration and it helps to break up muscle holding patterns which have lead to pain and dysfunction over time. The other thing to keep in mind with any kind of muscle tightness and pain is that our repressed or unexpressed emotions are held in the muscles of our body, and when it comes to pain in the neck, there could be repetitive (and often unconscious) emotions you may be carrying around and could be the root cause of your neck pain. This is especially true if you have tried all the typical therapies available and you can’t seem to get extended relief. Now, this a subject for a whole other post, but for now, just keep in mind that chronic pain in the body at its root cause can be emotional, and using sound vibration is another way to release trapped emotions and tight muscles and get some relief.

Use a PEMF device for muscle relaxation and correction

The last thing I want to tell you about in relation to sound vibration and releasing tight muscles is a device called the MiHealth. What this is a pulsed electromagnetic field device, and there are a range of these kinds of devices on the market, but this one has been featured on the doctors show in the US, and these kinds of devices have a lot of studies behind them that prove their effectiveness. They have been used for bone healing, muscles injuries and general swelling as well as skin conditions. If you go into google and type in pub med pemf devices you;ll find a range of studies to support their effectiveness. But I just want to quickly demonstrate this one, because it can be very effective for muscle pain. In a nutshell, the way these devices works is based on sound frequencies. (watch video at…)

Use with guidance

I don’t recommend you go out and buy any old PEMF device or even this one without some guidance on how to use it, because incorrect use can actually make things worse, but with the correct use it really can be fantastic and for me personally has been excellent for whenever I have had muscle strains or injuries or excessive tightness in various areas, and it has also been great for my 4 year old for general calming of excessive emotions as young children often have trouble regulating their emotions and this has come in handy on more than one occasion. So there are multiple uses for this device that don’t just relate to muscle tightness and injuries, but also to emotions, immune system and mental fatigue.

A Final Note

In conclusion, the first thing I recommend for chronic neck pain treatment is to see a good osteopath and be sure to do the corrective exercises that they recommend. Secondly, try the towel and thumb exercises to release adhesions in your neck, as well as rolling your R’s at the same time as singing to experience the vibrations in your neck to further help break up tensions and trapped emotions. And finally, if you want to go deeper into finding relief for muscle tension, consider purchasing a MiHealth device and get in contact with me via my website contact page to arrange a Skype session on how you can use this device for yourself at home.

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Have more energy without supplements

MORE ENERGY without supplementsIf you are wondering why you are always tired despite taking supplements, doing exercise, trying to get better sleep and eating healthy, then it might be time to look beyond your physical body and find clues elsewhere. Read on to learn how you can have more energy without supplements.

Frontier science discoveries

Just like our heart and brain which radiates electromagnetic fields that standard medical equipment such as the ECG and EEG can pick up, our entire body has an electromagnetic field too. Frontier science in bioenergetics has shown that our bodies electromagnetic field has a direct impact on our health, energy, mental clarity and happiness. If energy and information within this electromagnetic field is flowing well, we feel alive and vibrant. If it is not, then health problems and general unexplained fatigue can occur.

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What’s In A NES Scan?

Set up your free NES Health Portal here.

Bioenergetics is an emerging science which looks at the Human Body Field for clues where the informational flow in the energy field may be distorted. When information within this field is not flowing as nature intended it can affect our physical and mental health. The ancients knew this thousands of years ago through their practices of yoga and qigong. Now we can ‘see’ this invisible field using the power of modern technology. Benefits of this wellness approach can include: more energy, enhanced dream life, more positive outlook on life, enhanced memory, reduction in pain, improved sleep, relief from depression and more. NES Health is leading the field in bioenergetics. They have over 30 years of research behind them in this field.

The process is simple:

1. Set up your free Nes Health portal HERE. 

2.Scan the human body field using a mouse like device purchases from your NES Health Portal which connects to your computer or smart phone.

3. See where there are distortions and take recommended structured water remedies based on what the algorithms suggest . These remedies have been imprinted with specific frequencies which help to correct the informational flow around the body. Keep in mind, our body is 70% water, therefore water plays a key role in our wellbeing.

4.Use the PEMF device (pulsed Electromagnetic Field) to further correct deeper distortions.

You can start here to learn more with a FREE NES Health portal:

In this portal you can read articles, watch documentaries on bioenergetics, read clinical studies, learn more about the science of bioenergetics, listen to podcasts, try bioenergetic recipes, purchase the scanner and structured water remedies.

*Not suitable for people who have had an organ transplant, or who have a pace maker or who have been diagnosed with severe psychiatric condition.


More info on NES Health and the science: 
Mi Health featured on The Doctors:

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